Ragdoll cats are renowned for their striking beauty, gentle temperament, and captivating blue eyes. While their overall appearance is often characterized by their signature colorpoint pattern, there exist some rare and fascinating markings that add an extra touch of uniqueness to these already charming felines. In this article, we will explore the rare markings of Ragdoll cats, unraveling the mysteries behind each distinctive pattern and shedding light on their rarity.

Common Patterns

Color Point

Point patterns are the most well-known coloration in Ragdolls. These cats possess a lighter body color with darker shades on their extremities, including their ears, paws, tail, and face. The contrast between the body and the points creates an alluring visual effect. This is a traditional pattern for Ragdolls, but not very sought after because of the lack of any white patterns.


The Mitted Ragdoll is distinguished by the presence of white mittens on its front paws, as well as a white chin and bib. This marking creates a charming contrast between the darker body color and the pristine white patches. Mitted Ragdolls often have a white blaze on their faces, enhancing their already adorable and affectionate expression. While Mitted Ragdolls are not as rare as some other markings, the specific placement of the white mittens and the overall balance of the pattern contribute to their uniqueness.


Bicolor patterns in Ragdolls feature a significant amount of white fur combined with colored patches. The two main bicolor patterns are:

High mitted Ragdolls have large areas of white on their body, typically covering most of their legs, chest, and chin. The colored patches are usually found on the ears and tail, and sometimes on the back.

Van is also a form of bicolor, it is described in more detail below

Rare Patterns

Lynx Point

The Lynx Point pattern is characterized by dark tabby stripes on a lighter background color, creating an alluring and wild appearance. This unique marking resembles the patterns found on wild lynx cats, hence its name. Lynx Point Ragdolls possess a certain air of regality, with their distinctive stripes accentuating their majestic presence. While Lynx Points are less common than traditional colorpoints, they are becoming increasingly popular due to their captivating and exotic appeal.

Tortie Point

Tortie Point Ragdolls display a beautiful blend of color and cream patches on their bodies, mixed with the colorpoint pattern. The term “tortie” is derived from “tortoiseshell,” which refers to the variegated coloration seen in these cats. The rarity of the Tortie Point lies in the genetic combination required to produce this pattern, as it involves both the colorpoint gene and the tortoiseshell gene. Their unique coat showcases an array of rich and vibrant colors, making them truly eye-catching.


The Blaze marking is a vertical stripe of white that runs down the center of a Ragdoll cat’s face. This distinctive feature starts at the forehead and extends down to the tip of the nose, giving these cats an instantly recognizable appearance. The rarity of the Blaze lies in its precise positioning and the perfect alignment of the white stripe. Ragdolls with a Blaze often captivate observers with their striking facial symmetry, adding an element of elegance to their overall demeanor.


The Van marking is a rare and striking pattern where the majority of the cat’s coat is white, except for colorpoints on the ears and tail. Ragdolls with the Van pattern are reminiscent of a painter’s canvas, with their mostly white bodies serving as a backdrop for the vibrant colorpoint accents. The rarity of the Van marking lies in the extensive amount of white present in the cat’s coat, requiring a specific genetic combination to achieve this unique pattern.

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Ragdoll cats are renowned for their captivating beauty, and their rare markings only serve to enhance their appeal. The Lynx Point, Tortie Point, Mitted, Blaze, and Van are just a few examples of the fascinating patterns that can be found within the Ragdoll breed. Each of these markings possesses its own rarity, making these cats truly exceptional and highly sought after by feline enthusiasts. Whether it’s the wild allure of the Lynx Point or the artistic canvas of the Van, the rare markings of Ragdoll cats add an extra touch of enchantment to these already beloved feline companions.