Our starting studs and dams are coming from Broadway Ragdolls, who has infused their lines with International Champion Ragdolls. We continue their history of raising happy, healthy, loving, Ragdolls in a loving home environment. Our cats are well socialized and are even dog friendly before they leave our home. 

Our Studs

Sir Michael of RarityRags

Michael is a stunning blue bicolor Ragdoll from Spain. He is a gem that we have been able to add to our cattery from Spain. He comes from a line of International Champions.

Broadwayrags Sir Kurt of RarityRags

Sir Kurt is a plush, Cream Bicolor boy who has stolen our hearts. His is so light colored that you might think he is white!

Broadwayrags Sir Onyx of RarityRags

Up and coming Stud Onyx is a Flame Lynx Mitted, his color is absolutely striking.

Ragdollsea Sir Leo of RarityRags

Up and coming Stud Leo, a gorgeous Fawn Colorpoint.

Our Dams

Milkywayrags Valentina DeRagelis of RarityRags

Valentina is formerly of Broadway Ragdolls, and is a stunning chocolate bicolor Ragdoll. Her first litter with us is with guest stud, Denzel Purrsington.

RagdollSea Bianca of RarityRags

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BroadwayRags Annie Gemstone of RarityRags

Annie is formerly of Broadway Ragdolls, and is a beautiful blue cream bicolor. She had her first litter with us with guest stud Denzel.

Lillia Isles of RarityRags

Lillia is an up and coming damn, she is a cream bicolor Ragdoll. We hope to breed her with Jones when they are both ready! 

LiliFlower Baileys For Fluffy of RarityRags

Baileys comes to us from the Ukraine, and is a Blue Lynx Point Ragdoll. She has ice blue eyes and the most beautiful lynx pattern.

Jazzmania Kashmir Spice of RarityRags

Kashmir is a beautiful Blue Mitted Ragdoll. She is very sweet natured and is an up and coming Dam. We expect her to be ready for her first litter in the spring of 2024.

Jazzmania Chantal Tahiti of RarityRags

Chantal is a plush, fabulous, Blue Mitted Mink Ragdoll. Her beautiful blue color covers her body, but she retains the blue eyes and pointed look of the Ragdoll breed.

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Txragdollkittens Miss Fantasy of RarityRags

Missy is a treasure, she is a Lilac Van, or High Bicolor, Ragdoll. She is all white with the exception of the top of her head and her tail.


We hope you enjoyed a quick peek into the cattery! We are growing our family, so expect to see more lovelies added here in the future.