We have a lightweight process we go through to ensure that our babies safely go to their forever homes and so that you are confident that you are truly working with a reputable breeder with integrity, It is our goal that you feel comfortable with us and feel part of the Rarity family.

At Rarity Ragdolls, we understand that welcoming a new feline friend into your home is an exciting venture. To ensure a smooth and worry-free experience, we’ve curated an all-inclusive kitten health package designed to cover essential needs during your kitten’s first year.

Pricing Structure

Our kittens, ranging from $2400 to $3800, are priced by their color and pattern.  From Traditional colors to Elite and even Ultra Rare hues, our diverse range caters to various preferences, ensuring that every feline enthusiast finds their perfect match. We are focused on creating pet families so our pricing reflects pet pricing unless we are specifically asked for show kittens.

Eliminating Hidden Costs

We believe in transparency, and that’s why all our kittens come with a comprehensive health package that eliminates the hidden costs of first-year vet fees, estimated at $1500. This not only provides peace of mind but also sets the foundation for a healthy and happy life for your new companion.

Veterinary Care

Our commitment to your kitten’s well-being starts with multiple vet visits. They receive full vaccinations for their first year, ensuring protection against common feline illnesses. Additionally, each kitten is microchipped, dewormed multiple times, and undergoes a thorough fecal check. We go the extra mile by including spaying or neutering in our health package, promoting responsible pet ownership.

Documentation and Assurance

When you bring your new kitten home, you’ll receive more than just a furry friend. Our health package includes a TICA registration, a health certificate, and a health warranty, giving you confidence in the quality and health of your new family member. For added security, we provide 30 days of free health insurance, covering unforeseen medical expenses in the initial days of your kitten’s arrival.

Flexible Payment Plans

Understanding the financial commitment of bringing a new pet into your home, we offer a monthly payment plan leading up to your kitten’s go-home date. This allows you to budget responsibly and ensures that your new companion is paid for in full before joining your family.

At Rarity Ragdolls, we strive to make the journey of bringing a new kitten into your life as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Our comprehensive health package reflects our dedication to the well-being of our kittens and the satisfaction of their future families.